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Urn storage bags

Designed to hold the urns of your loved ones, for transport or storage with the dignity required.

Bi Quadro designed this line of Urn Transport Bags to carry cremation urn with care but also for those in need of temporary cremation containers, such as families who were distraught or financially unable to purchase an urn in a timely manner, often times after an unexpected loss.


The urn bags are designed to transport a variety of shapes and sizes, for funeral urns or cremation boxes, and they are able to secure and support the weight.

Some urn models are padded, with reinforced straps sown into the fabric the entire length of the bag, other types have top zip or Velcro flap opening, also padded or transparent.


Discrete an stylish, our urn bags storage can be manufactured in a variety of models, see below a selection of our standard products

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