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BQ RIGGING Product Lines

Chain bags, brackets, motor covers and more hoist's accessories

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Chain Bags

BQ Chain Bags are rectangular or square bags made for many of the most famous electric chain hoists used in the entertainment industry, such as Classic and New Lodestar, Chain Master and Liftket, Stagemaker and Verlinde, GIS type and EXE/RWM chain hoists.
The bags can be used for upright or inverted mode.

BQ Chain bags range covers also hand chain blocks products.


Chain Bags Brackets

BQ Chain hoist brackets are designed for many bran of hoists. For CM Lodestar, we introduced in the market the famous "Wing" design, used by hundreds of clients allover the world.

For Chain Master and Liftket hoists we designed "two fixing points" brackets in order to guarantee maximum strength both in upright or inverted mode.
All our brackets are supplied as retrofit kit.


Motor Covers

BQ Motor Covers are designed for Classic and New gen Lodestar, GIS and GIS-based hoists, Chain Master and Liftket, Stagemaker and Verlinde, EXE/RWM chain hoists.

We have models for motor up configurations (lifting mode) or motor down configuration (Self-lifting).

The OMNIhoist motor cover is suitable both for motor UP and DOWN use.


Hardware & Accessories

To complete the rigging range of products, we manufacture or provide a portfolio of complementary accessories.

From hoist mounting bracket kits, to chain bracket spacers, swing bolts to connect the last link of the load chain to the body of the hoist.

Safety belts for CM Lodestar double reeved hoists and our well known soft handles.

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