BQ body bags made in PVC and TNT

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- Manufactured with 600 x 600 PVC and 90g Nonwoven (TNT) fabric.
- 1 central opening zip.
- Reinforced seams, reduces risk of odour and leaks.
- Six reinforced handles.
- Waterproof PVC material.
- Water repellent Nonwoven (TNT) material.
- Option for PVC transparent pocket
- Weight limit: 180 kg



L: 210 cm
W: 53 cm
H: 35 cm


Standard White and Black TNT Material.
PVC colours are available according to colour palette.


5 items per packaging


Recovery body bags intended to be used to recover and transport a human body.
The PVC material guarantees a waterproof protection, the Nonwoven (TNT) material provides a water repellent protection, however after a certain period of time there could be leakage if body fluids are in contact with the zips or the Nonwoven (TNT) material.
Possible leakage in the proximity of the zips if the correct use guidelines are disregarded.


To be used horizontally.
There is no stitching on the bottom, side or corners of the body bag, therefore if the bag is kept in an horizontal position and so that fluid is prevented from contacting the upper zip, there should be no leakage.
It is recommended to fold up the lower part of the bag in order to allow body fluids to remain centrally distributed inside the bag.
it is important to fold the short sides of the bag toward the centre to prevent the fluids from reaching the upper corner seams.
Same approach above should be used if the corpse height is substantially less than average human stature.
Make sure the entire bag sits flat on the horizontal surface.
Try to avoid the event that by gravity the bag sides are dropping below the body horizontal level.
Do not puncture or tear the body bag.

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