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Slow Food Type Bag_detail_LR.png




Bag to keep your favourite drinking or tasting glasses safe for transport. This professional light padded carry bag with zip fastening and internal pockets holds 5 standard glass sizes.



W: 40 cm
H: 30 cm
D: 9 cm + 40x20x2 cm front pocket + 40x20x 2 cm back pocket


- Inner and outer fabric: polyester 600/600 PVC
- Inner padded central space with expanded polyethylene
- Central zip closure, opening on 3 sides
- Internal document zip pockets
- Two internal open pockets with pen holders
- External document zip pocket
- Polypropylene belts
- Waterproof material
- Double padded handle for transportation.
- Adjustable shoulder strap

- Hypoallergenic foam with glass holders
- Holds 5 glasses
- Standard color black

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SlowFood Type Bag

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