• Wine and beer tasting briefcases

    For sommelier's associations and branded wine and beer resellers to complete the experience of a wine tasting event.

  • Horse riding boot and accessory bags

    Padded kit bags who can accommodate long riding boots, riding hats, whips and other accessories in separate sections.

  • Thermal food carrying containers

    Bags that can hold enough food for picnics and office meals. They can store pizza, office snacks, fruit, desserts and drinks.

  • School bags and backpacks

    Customised and made to measures backpacks, school PE kit bags, sport gear bags, roller bags and more. 

  • Urn storage bags and pouches

    Designed to hold the urns of your loved ones, in order to be carried or stored with the dignity required.

  • Recovery and storage body bags

    Recovery body bags, manufactured with different kinds of materials to meet a variety of specifications and way of use.

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