Wing Brackets are a Bi-Quadro exclusive design for Lodestar Chain Bag brackets. The innovative wing design prevents the bracket from swinging and losing grip, giving the chain bag a safer attachment point.

The four wings help to distribute the load of the chain bag to the body of the hoist, reducing bending and shock loads on the attachment Swing Bolt.


The last link of the Load Chain can be attached to the swing bolt with the connection link.

Wing Bracket
Classic Lodestar Small Frame

   CODE RSTWC20   
  • Classic Lodestar model A

  • Classic Lodestar model AA

  • Classic Lodestar model B

  • Classic Lodestar model C

  • Classic Lodestar model F


Made in 5mm thick iron
Black mat power coated

SWL: 120 kg - 265 lbs
Weight: 0.32 kg
Volume: 144x73x60 mm

Carton box: 100pcs in a 60x40x20 cm

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