BQ Stagemaker line of chain bags are designed for the SR line of Stagemaker chain hoists and are suitable for motor up (lifting, upright) mode and motor down (self-lifting, inverted) mode. They are made of 840 denier woven polyester with two coats of resin to protect the chain hoist from the elements.

The bags are held by two high resistance polyester straps which take the weight of the chain and distribute it over the upper metal frame. The straps criss-cross at the bottom to increase the loading capacity and prevent the bottom from falling through even in the case of very long chains.

Product comes in standard CE Marked Carabiners. Default colour is black but other colours are available on demand.

BQ Chain Bag Stagemaker SR5



  • Polypropylene 5cm belt

  • 25-27% elongation value

  • 240  filaments

  • 1100 kg Minimum Breaking Point

  • 175 ° Celsius melting point


  • 840 Nylon PVC Coated

  • 28-31% elongation value

  • Test UNI ISO 13934-1:2000

  • N 502 medium breaking load value

  • Test UNI 4818:1992 p.te 9

SWL: 120Kg
Weight: 0.9 Kg
Volume: 16.5 x 14 x 27 cm
Carton Box: 25pz in a 60x40x42.5 box


5 x 14 mm load chain
Safe Capacity 28m (92ft) @ 50%
Working Capacity 42m (138ft) @ 75%

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