BQ Motor Covers are designed for Lift Champ, Load Guard, Pointman, and other entertainment GIS chain hoists installed in motor up (lifting) mode.

The covers are made of 840 denier woven polyester with two coats of resin, which protects the chain hoist from the elements. The side opening has a flap with a 4cm Velcro; the lower part of the skirt is fitted with an elastic band to keep the cover wrapped around the chain hoist.

They come in standard black colour. Other colours are available on demand.

BQ GIS MotorUP Cover Small

   CODE RMCGL020   
  • BelitGIS LPM 250

  • GIS LP 500

  • GIS LP 1000

  • Load Guard hoists



  • 840 Nylon PVC Coated

  • 28-31% elongation value

  • Test UNI ISO 13934-1:2000

  • N 502 medium breaking load value

  • Test UNI 4818:1992 p.te 9

Weight: 0.30kg
Volume: 29x27x2 cm
Carbon Box: 50pcs in a 60x40x43 cm
Carton box volume: 0.1032mc

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